RS02 / RS03 Ribbon Fiber Strippers Fujikura

958,001.033,00 + (VAT)

RS02 / RS03 Ribbon Fiber Strippers from Fujikura were developed with emphasis on ease-of-use, flexibility, and ergonomics. This thermal stripper requires less force for the stripping process than previous generations. Furthermore, the RS03 is equipped with a large capacity battery for 600 stripping cycles, 6 times longer than conventional thermal strippers.


Fujikura RS02 / RS03 ribbon fiber stripper features

  • 25% lower stripping force
  • Stripping condition control from splicer via Bluetooth
  • Compatible with 200 µm to 400µm coated fibers without need to change blades
  • RS03 – exeptional, up 600 stripping cycles capacity battery

Strippers comparison

RS02 RS03
Cladding diameter 125μm 125μm
Coating diameter 200 to 400μm 200 to 400μm
Battery Operation No battery Up to 600 cycles
Power options with DC power cord (DCC-11) with AC adapter + AC power cord for recharge
Li-ion Battery
Number of fibers up to 16-fiber ribbon up to 16-fiber ribbon

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