FH Fibre Holder for Fujikura Splicing Systems

162,00524,00 + (VAT)

FH fibre holders are designed to be used with Fujikura splicing systems – splicers, cleavers and other accessories. This will allow to be more productive as you don’t need to remove fibers from the holder while moving through different stages – from cleaving to splicing.


Please refer table below for some functionality of different FH fiber holders. For  precise data and compatibility questions please check with us.

Fiber holder type Description Splicer Cleaver Other
FH-60-DC250 Single fiber; 250μm drop cable Single fiber splicers, Ribbon   splicers CT-50, CT-08
FH-60-IDC250 Single   fiber; 250μm low friction drop/indoor cable Single   fiber splicers, Ribbon splicers CT-50,   CT-08
FH-60-LT900 Single fiber; 900μ loose buffer   fiber Single fiber splicers, Ribbon   splicers CT-50, CT-08
FH-70-10 Ribbon   fiber; 1-10 fibers Ribbon   splicers CT-50 RS02,RS03
FH-70-12 Ribbon fiber; 1-12 fibers Ribbon splicers CT-50 RS02,RS03
FH-70-12-200 Ribbon   fiber; 12 fibers; pitch 200μm 90R12/90R16 CT-50 RS02,RS03
FH-70-12PC Ribbon fiber; 12 fibers; pitch   conversion 200um to 250μm Ribbon splicers CT-50 RS02,RS03
FH-70-16 Ribbon   fiber; 1-16 fibers 90R12/90R16 CT-50 RS02,RS03
FH-70-160 Single fiber; 160μm Single fiber splicers CT-50, CT-08
FH-70-2 Ribbon   fiber; 1-2 fibers Ribbon   splicers CT-50 RS02,RS03
FH-70-200 Single fiber; 200μm Single fiber splicers CT-50, CT-08
FH-70-250 Single   fiber; 2500μm Single   fiber splicers CT-50,   CT-08
FH-70-4 Ribbon fiber; 1-4 fibers Ribbon splicers CT-50 RS02,RS03
FH-70-5 Ribbon   fiber; 1-5 fibers Ribbon   splicers CT-50 RS02,RS03
FH-70-500 Single fiber; 500μm Single fiber splicers CT-50, CT-08
FH-70-6 Ribbon   fiber; 1-6 fibers Ribbon   splicers CT-50 RS02,RS03
FH-70-8 Ribbon fiber; 1-8 fibers Ribbon splicers CT-50 RS02,RS03
FH-70-9 Ribbon   fiber; 1-9 fibers Ribbon   splicers CT-50 RS02,RS03
FH-70-900 Single fiber; 900μm Single fiber splicers CT-50, CT-08
FH-FC-20 Fiber   Holder
(coating dia.of 900μm in 2.0mm Sheathe cord)
Single   fiber splicers, 90R12/90R16 CT-50
FH-FC-30 Fiber Holder
(coating dia.of 900μm in 3.0mm Sheathe cord)
Single fiber splicers,   90R12/90R16 CT-50
FH-FC-DIA12 Holder   for DIAMOND splice-on-connector Single   fiber splicers CT-50,   CT-08
FH-FC-DIA70 Holder for DIAMOND   splice-on-connector Single fiber splicers CT-50, CT-08


Additional information

Fiber holder type

FH-60-DC250, FH-60-IDC250, FH-60-LT900, FH-70-10, FH-70-12, FH-70-12-200, FH-70-12PC, FH-70-16, FH-70-160, FH-70-2, FH-70-200, FH-70-250, FH-70-4, FH-70-5, FH-70-500, FH-70-6, FH-70-8, FH-70-9, FH-70-900, FH-FC-20, FH-FC-30, FH-FC-DIA12, FH-FC-DIA70