Fujikura 41S Clad Alignment Fusion Splicer – Kit

Designed for FTTX applications, the next-generation smart 41S splicer boasts innovative features in a compact and robust package.


Wirelessly connecting to the CT50 fibre cleaver using Bluetooth technology, the 41S enables a range of pioneering functions that will improve the overall installation time, cost and efficiency for operators. The 41S offers installers the convenience of a 5″ colour touch-panel display, improved v-groove illumination and the benefit of easy splice protector positioning. The machine re-assures users of reliable splice results using CORE loss estimation using Warm Image Splicing Technology.

The issue of poor fibre cleaving due to worn, incorrectly adjusted or damaged cleaver blades is conveniently dealt with. When the 41S detects a high cleave angle or bad end shape, it sends a blade position change instruction to the cleaver The CT50 cleaver then rotates the cleaver blade automatically to the next position, restoring optimum cleaving performance.

All nessesary accessories for high quality splicing included. Consumables like splice protectors can be ordered separately.

Manufacturers datasheet here.

Please see quick user guide here.

Additional information

Kit contains

Fusion splicer Fujikura 41S
Cleaver CT-50
Consumables for fibre cleaning
Battery for 200 splices
Hard case / working table
Power adapter