Splice Protection Sleeves 2,4mm x 61mm

12,00100,00 + (VAT)

Splice protection sleeve quality is essential for achieving good results in splicing process. Never use sleeves what might cause tensions for fiber.

Fiber optic splice protection sleeves are high quality, but still economical solution to protect your splices.  2,4mm heat shrinkable sleeves are most popular, suitable for both 250 and 900 fiber sizes.

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The internal tube is made from special material with good adhesion to many materials and low solubility in water. It changes its consistency to semi-liquid in growth temperatures. It enables to eliminate air bubbles through filling up the spaces between external tube, the pin and fiber optic cable. The Pin that stiffens the splice is made from steel with heat extensibility indicator identical to that of optic fiber. This prevents from longitudinal stresses on the splice during heating process. Longitudinal stresses of the splice influence on growth a insert loss and a reflection loss. In extreme cases these may cause breaking the connection, which makes it necessary to repeat the splice procedure. External tube material guarantees sustainability and resistance to stretching and puncture. It offers optimal air permeability, high gloss and smooth surface.

Minimum shrink temperature: 110 ° C
Maximum shrink time: 60 seconds
Standard color: Transparent
Meets the standards: UL224, MIL-I-23053, ZN-96 TPSA-006 and is EU RoHS Directive compilant


We are stocking only transparent colour, 61 and 45mm long 2,4mm and 2,8mm diameter protection sleeves, but you are welcome to place RFQ-s for different colours , lenghts and even diameters according information in specification tab.


Additional information

D - Diameter of the sleeve after shrinking


L - length of the sleeve after shrinking

61mm ; also available 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 and 100mm

Dp - diameter of the reinforcing wire


d - diameter of the inner hole before shrinking


Sleeve colour

transparent ; also available black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray, white, pink, sea green

Sleeve lenght after shrinking