One-Click MPO Cleaner

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Fujikura One-Click™  Cleaner removes dust and oil adhering to the ferrule endface of fiber optic connector with one push mechanical action.

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Fujikura One-Click™ MPO Cleaner is suitable for both PC and APC types of MPO, MTP® connectors.

  • Cleans the ferrule endface inside an adapter or connectors on jumpers by making full use of guide cap.
  • Refrains from transmission error or endface damage by dirty endface.
  • Comfortable and user friendly design with one click cleaning.
  • Complies with EU/98/2002/EC directive (RoHS).
  • Covered by US Patent No. 8,087,118

Full overview of Fujikura One-Click™  Cleaners on manufacturer webpage.

Manufacturer datasheet for download here.

User manual for download here.


Additional information

Model Number


Classification Color


Applicable Fiber Optic Connector & Adaptor

with PC, APC polish

Dimensions (mm)

W19 * H43 * L194
(Nozzle Extendability: none)

Function / Handling type


No. of Cleanings

> 500 times

Cleaning Method

Dry (Cleaning the Zirconia ferrule endface with cleaning cloth, with no chemical or solvent)