FiberChek Sidewinder – Kit

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FiberChek Sidewinder – Kit is automated multifiber connector inspection and analysis solution offering industry’s fastest MPO inspection workflow. You will get automatic test results ( including IEC-61300-3-35 ) in a matter of seconds. Review test results on the device, get immideately pass / fail sounds and store over 1200 fibre images. Sidewinder can connect with other devices via WiFi and USB.

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The FiberChek Sidewinder ™ – kit is the industry’s first “all-in-one” handheld inspection and analysis microscope for multifiber connectors such as MPO. The latest addition to the VIAVI award-winning FiberChek family delivers a completely automated solution to easily inspect and analyze every fiber of an MPO or other multifiber connector with industry-leading reliability and speed.

More information about FiberChek Sidewinder

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All-in-one handheld MPO inspection

With 100% autonomous operation, technicians of any skill level have everything they need in a portable MPO inspection microscope.
The integrated touchscreen display gives users full control to view live images and analysis results, pan and scroll across the end face to view each fiber, and easily navigate results.
Navigate and select your desired acceptance criteria including IEC-61300-3-35 or customer-specific requirements.
Store, name, and recall test results directly on the device.

FiberChek Sidewinder Key Features

  •  Integrated touchscreen
  • Live fiber viewing
  • Auto-center, -focus and -pan/scroll
  • Built-in fiber end-face analysis
  • Also tests simplex fibers (compatible with FBPT series inspection tips)
  • Audible sounds for Pass/Fail results
  • User-selectable acceptance profiles
  • Stores results on device or export
  • WiFi and USB connection to a PC or mobile devices
  • All-day battery life
  • Built in acceptance criteria to industry standards (IEC-61300-3-35)

Award winning innovation


Additional information

Auto Index

Pan/Scroll up to 32 fibers (2 x 16)

Field-of view

High Magnification – Horizontal: 356 μm Vertical: 475 μm
Low Magnification – Horizontal: 713 μm Vertical: 950 μm



Camera sensor

2560 x 1920, 1/2.5 in CMOS, 5 megapixel


240 x 320 2.5” LCD touchscreen

Run time / charging

5h / 2 hr (2 A max power source)