RF Vision – Antenna Alignment Tool with Camera Licence – Kit

Innovative antenna alignment tool.

During the installation of your wireless network, antenna alignment counts. Companies spend millions of dollars to plan and design wireless and microwave networks. As you plan the coverage objectives, it is critically important that antenna alignment is accurately implemented during the installation. Otherwise, it will result in coverage gaps, network performance degradation and loss of revenue. It is equally important that installers are equipped with an effective and reliable antenna alignment tool. This gives you the confidence that the job was performed as indicated on the RF design specifications.


RF Vision is an innovative antenna alignment tool that helps users to easily and quickly perform an accurate antenna alignment on panel and microwave point-to-point antennas. With its compact size, rugged design, user friendly GUI, unique reporting capabilities and integrated camera, RF Vision has paved the future for the antenna alignment tool market.

It is common for Wireless Operators to face network challenges due to the increase of cell overshooting and interference issues on high speed wireless data networks. These challenges degrade network performance, increase customer complaints and grow churn rates. With the increase of data demand, the RAN site installation quality is equally as important. Companies spend millions of dollars to plan and design wireless and microwave networks, but still require skilled personnel at the site to comply with the RF design specifications through dependable tools.
How We Solve It!

RF Vision creates a unique experience to the user while properly aligning antennas and improving RAN performance. With Dual Frequency GNSS, a 5” Touch Screen, Built-in Camera, Augmented Reality and automated line-of-sight reports, Wireless Operators can rest assured that antenna field installations and RF Designs will match. An accurate antenna alignment will improve cell performance, maximize voice quality and data traffic, reduce churn, optimize OPEX and keep customers happy. Site test equipment dependability is equally important to Tower Technicians to perform an accurate antenna alignment. RF Vision’s user-friendly GUI and compact size, allows Tower Technicians to optimize the time at site and its rugged design, extra rubber bumpers, weather resistant and impact resistant display ensures durability, avoiding equipment down time.


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Additional information


Dual frequency GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU* and GALILEO*)


Integrated touchscreen, external via Android or iOS


approx 1900g

Kit contains

1pc – RF Vision Antenna Aligner
1pc – All-in-one carry-on padded bag
1pc – Protective Hard Carrying Case
1pc – Strap Clamp (with 2.5 feet diameter straps)
1pc – AC/DC Power Charger with multi-region plug adaptors
4pc – Protective Rubber Bumpers for microwave antenna
1pc – Bundled Camera Licence