90R Mass Fusion Splicer – Kit

The Fujikura 90R is a mass fusion splicer capable of splicing up to 16 fiber ribbon cables simultaneously.

In previous mass fusion splicer models, the v-grooves could become dirty over time due to debris and glass deposits from splicing accumulating in the v-grooves. Which in turn, could lead to fibre offsets and high losses if they were not regularly cleaned which added to the overall process time.

The 90R comes with a first of its kind, innovative user replaceable V-groove assembly which makes this issue a thing of the past and is supplied as standard equipment with the 90R kit. This new V-groove assembly can be quickly and easily fitted in the field, minimizing downtime and maximising productivity.

Overall working time has been significantly reduced against the previous model (70R+). This has been achieved through a combination of improvements; including the replaceable v-grooves, reaction time of the automated wind protectors and automated heater, a 5-inch LCD touch screen whilst also making use of Active Blade Management Technology, which now can connect to two CT50 cleavers simultaneously.


In addition, the new V-groove design enables splicing of both conventional type (up to 16-fiber) encapsulated ribbon and SWR (Spider Web Ribbon) whilst also accommodating 250um and 200um pitch fibers. The 90R can also splice single fibers if required.

90R12 kit (up to 12 fiber version) description

90R16 kit (up to 16 fiber version) description

Short manual

Additional information


90R12 – up to 12 fibers, 90R16 up to 16 fibers


Please see product description


Drop test 76cm 30"
Dust – IP5x
Water – IPx2


Lithium Ion
up to 165 x 12 fibers
up to 130 x 16 fibers
full cycles with heating


up to 1500 splices
field replaceable without tools

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